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Lillian's Genealogy Services

My Philosophy

I strive to assist my clients with their research needs and to answer as many questions as possible. Genealogy results are dependent on proof, which is not always available in every case. I will exhaust all my resources in trying to find the answers. 




Historical Documents

Genealogical Research

Family Tree Building

"Lillian is an excellent instructor and leader in every class we have attended. She is very patient with those of us who are hard to catch on. We highly recommend Lillian. Meet her
and become one more who appreciates the talent she is able to share. "
Chuck and Marie
"Thank You Lillian for your expertise and determination in not only discovering,but also verifying so many suspected links in my family tree-including several I never even knew existed. I am amazed at what you were able to uncover about my family history,and with so little information. I look forward to future meetings and classes with you. I am completely addicted!!!"
-Jennifer Bohlke
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