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First Consultation


30 minute consultation

A first consultation will consist of meeting in person, speaking over the phone, or via video chat, to discuss what type of research you are seeking. 

Family Research

$20 - $30 per hour

Family research will consist of helping build and expand your family tree. If building your tree from the beginning, the cost will be $30 per hour. If expanding your tree, making edits, researching specific ancestors, or searching repositories for records the cost will be $20 per hour. 

Can assist in completing research and applications for DAR and SAR. *Certified copies of records will have to be requested for and purchased by applicant*

Guest Speaker

$25 - $100

I will be happy to be a guest speaker for different organizations, societies, or events. A time and topic will be discussed before hand. I will have handouts if appropriate for topic. 


A 15 minute speech will be $25

30 minute speech will be $50

45 minute speech will be $75

An hour speech will be $100

Family Tree

Clean Up

When first creating a family tree online, on Ancestry, mistakes can often be made. This of course happens to everyone. I can assist in merging duplicates, correcting dates and locations, editing names and relationships. 

The size of your tree and specific goal will determine the time involved.

$20 per hour

Digitization of Records

Documents, photographs, scrapbooks, and personal letters will not last forever. The best way to make sure these records are preserved is to digitize them. Digital copies will be created along with detailed descriptions.

$25 per hour

Cleaning of Gravestones

Will properly clean gravestones in Bulloch and surrounding counties. D2 Biological Solution is used to kill biological growth on stones. The condition of the marker will be evaluated  before any cleaning. Price includes photographs, cleaning, supplies, and travel. 


$25 Small Headstone or Military Marker

$50 Standard Headstone (upright)

$75 Ledger Stone

$100 Oversized Markers

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